What is Agent Referral Network LLC?

Agent Referral Network LLC is a place to maintain your active real estate license without having to pay monthly or annual fees other than to maintain your Washington Real Estate License with the Department of Licensing.

It is a legal way for Licensees to refer their prospects to active agents in Washington, across the country or internationally. It is a means of obtaining real estate income from your contacts and people you know by referring them to full time practicing real estate Brokers. 

As a licensed agent with Agent Referral Network LLC, your licensed real estate activity is limited to referrals. Any real estate professional activity outside of that is contrary to the contract. When you complete and submit a referral form to Agent Referral Network LLC, you will receive a check for a referral fee within five days of Agent Referral Network LLC receiving the referral check after the transaction is closed

 "A network of licensed real estate associates who direct buyers and sellers to full time real estate professionals"