About Us

Agent Referral Network LLC is a Wyoming Corporation licensed to do business in the State of Washington. Agent Referral Network is a holding company which allows you to keep your Washington State Real Estate License active so that you can generate income from your "Real Estate Referrals".

Having your license with Agent Referral Network LLC allows you to make money by referring buyers and sellers that you have done business with in the past along with friends, family and new contacts that have a real estate need to active agents anywhere in the United States and Internationally.

Our company provides an opportunity for you to keep your Washington State Real Estate License active without having to belong or participate in any real estate organizations or multiple listing services. You simply have to keep your license current by paying the renewal fee and maintaining the required continuing education requirements.

Agent Referral Network LLC shares common ownership with Adamas Realty LLC; Adamas Realty Washington LLC and Adamas Realty Oregon LLC. Referrals generated through Agent Referral Network LLC will be assigned to Licensed Real Estate Companies including those listed herein based on their Broker's knowledge of the local market and their ability to best serve the referred client.

The "referring broker" within Agent Referral Network LLC, may request that a referral go to a specific company or agent providing the receiving firm/agent is knowledgeable of the local real estate market and that Agent Referral Network LLC is able to facilitate the referral.

Once you make a referral, the referral is placed and we track the lead providing you with progress updates. When the transaction closes, we collect the referral fee from the destination broker's firm and pay you your referral fee.