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  • How is Agent Referral Network LLC different from other Real Estate Companies?
  • If I want to work in Real Estate part-time, is the Agent Referral Network LLC the right choice for me?
  • I passed the Washington Real Estate Exam, but I am not ready to start Listing and Selling real estate. The Department of Licensing Real Estate Division said that I must activate my license within one year or lose it. Is there a way to keep from losing my
  • I'm moving from Washington to another state, but I intend to return to Washington State in a couple of years. Is there a way to keep my license current?
  • Is it possible to make money selling real estate part time?
  • Can I receive or give a referral to an agent in another state?
  • How do I join Agent Referral Network LLC
  • On outbound and incoming referrals, what is the typical "Referral Fee" received by Agent Referral Network LLC?
  • Can I get a Referral Fee on the purchase or sale of my own home?
  • Do I have to use an Adamas Realty Broker to refer my business to?
  • I know an agent that I want my clients to work with can I use that agent?
  • What if I don't know an agent serving the area that the client or prospect desires?
  • Can I make Commercial Referrals?
  • Can I make a referral of someone who desires to lease or rent?
  • Can I promote myself as a "Real Estate Referral Agent"?
  • Can I refer a buyer or seller who needs real estate services but lives outside of the State of Washington or is moving from one state to another, for example someone moving from California to Florida?
  • What business can I refer?
  • Sources of Leads
  • How will the referral fees be split between Agent Referral Network LLC and the referring agent?


  • What does it cost to join Agent Referral Network LLC?
  • What is the cost of transferring my license from another real estate company to Agent Referral Network LLC?


  • I have invested a lot of time and money in my real estate business. Now that I'm no longer working full time in real estate is all of that time and money lost?
  • How much can I make on a referral?
  • How will the referral fees be split between Agent Referral Network LLC and the referring agent?
  • Can I receive a referral fee for recruiting other brokers to either the Agent Referral Network LLC or Adamas Realty LLC?
  • Will I get any residual income on renewals of those who I refer to the Agent Referral Network LLC?


  • Where can I go for the pre-license classes?
  • Do I need Continuing Education (CE) hours if my license is with Agent Referral Network LLC?
  • Must the Agent Referral Network Broker be active to receive either the initial referral fee or any residual income fee?